We will

We will Be, flies, are more careful Here it is simply to get confused.

We will help mother Let's wash the dishes, And to clean splinters Too together we will be.

We will wash a floor, we will remove dust, Let's wash something.

And candies we will take ourselves It for work!

The gnome since morning left the house, Long I looked for the gnome.

Well where it could leave?

Where to me to find it?

In a kitchen garden I looked for, Ran all over all settlement.

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If you are told

If you are told If you are told from police that you took away the son or the daughter from the receiver for minors, agree to make it when it is convenient to you; do not fly there in the middle of the night and do not interrupt because of it the work.

Such actions as if speak to the child: you in the sufficient to measure show care of it as about the person capable to decisionmaking, but are not going to get out it of these troubles and consequences similar behavior will lay down freight not on yours, and on his shoulders.

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The aunt

The aunt But everything was bad.

Even it is very bad.

The father got drunk and started talking any nonsense.

Mother was upset.

Annie's father terribly shouted at mother.

The aunt Ellen tried to pretend to be that occurred nothing.

The uncle Bob began to shout at the father.

All started shouting at each other.

Having snatched an opportunity, Annie slowly left the dining room and hid in the bed.

All night long it did not close eyes.

She very much wanted that her family was normal as all.

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Nikita cried, refused

Nikita cried, refused Mother had to arrive on Saturday, but it did not turn out gave urgent work, she was tired and postponed arrival for a week, and the son crushed a mother's bed.

By phone mother abused Nikita and told that she cannot love the boy who so arrives.

Nikita cried, refused a dinner, badly slept at night, and woke up with heavy stutter in the morning.

Of course, mother got excited, of course, she loves the son and in a fit of temper said cruel words.

Probably, mother did not know how to arrive in such situation.

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Pay attention

Pay attention Of course, much in this process depends and on the parent storyteller.

For example, the teaching parables or heavy manuals of the moralist do not give the soil for opening and can cause the child's resistance only.

Pay attention to sensitive intonation in stories Brett.

Their trustworthy tone does not cause in children's soul of reaction of rejection.

Whether there are quite usual problems, such as painful reaction to a tease, or problems more serious, such as compulsive and perfektsionistsky behavior, Annie's stories can help boys and girls to be exempted from the fetters connecting them.

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